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Worse than Poop!

We love this video! It's a great resource to educate family members (particularly our growing family members) about the problem with CO2 emissions. It makes a really good point: extra carbon in our ecosystem is pretty much WORSE THAN POOP! Share this video with some little ones and you're sure to produce some giggles while they learn something at the same time.

This video was a good reminder to us about how to share climate action messages with our community. It's easy to get bogged down or so worried about climate change that you feel paralyzed. It's important to share resources that don't leave you breathless and exhausted, but instead make you feel energized and excited about the renewable future. In the Climate Reality Project, Al Gore makes the point that all of your communications have to focus on the problem and the solution, but that you probably need an even more healthy portion of hope in the solution section to get people to start making changes in their life.

It's also important to remember that one of the key facets of Albany's Climate Action Plan is changing the transportation make-up of our city. That means changing from combustion engines to EVs (and if you haven't read our tip sheet on how to prepare for that transition, you can see it here), take advantage of our extremely well-networked Bay Area public transportation, or walk or bike (or pogo or whatever it is that you do to stay mobile and carbon free!).

So give this video a view and see cars poop, meet the Green Ninja, and our professorial little narrator.

What is your favorite climate action video?

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