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Albany City Council Needs to Hear From You

The Albany City Council is having a public review workshop of the draft Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) this coming Monday, September 16 starting at 6:30pm in the council chambers.

We need as many folks as possible to show up and speak in favor of including strong requirements and policies for building electrification, reductions in fossil fuel powered transportation, support of increased housing density, more progress on active transportation improvements, and clear strategies with tangible and achievable milestones put forward as part of the CAAP. 

The city council members need to hear that the CAAP must include more than feel-good suggestions and encouragements and needs to include strategically phased policies and regulations that have meaningful carrot and stick repercussions that will drive Albany effectively to zero carbon production as soon as possible.  This needs to have very specific actions/policies for the short-term (2035 target) and for the long-term (2050 target). 

We need to lobby to have additional incentives for early adapters as climate scientist are urgently advising that governments strive for carbon neutrality in ten years (2030) while the State of California has adopted a position of reaching this goal by 2045.  The 2050 goal really kicks the can down the road too far.  

Critical will be the city council's understanding of the urgency of the crisis and the will of its citizens to support and endorse these new policies. So please: join us at 1000 San Pablo Avenue on Monday, September 16th. Not sure what to say? Check out some of our suggestions from a previous post, or share some of the thoughts above, bring your own ideas, examples and let's move this issue forward as a community!

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