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Albany Climate Action Coalition is a group of engaged Albany citizens who are working towards an exciting carbon neutral future for our city. But it starts with activating our network: informing our neighbors, motivating local change, and energizing our sustainable community!



Albany Climate Action Coalition's  mission is to educate the public and empower them to take action that will impact our carbon neutral goals. Through grassroots outreach and networking, our goal is that our 19,000 citizens will adopt renewable energy, clean transportation, and high efficiency standards at home and throughout our community.


We tell you about events where you can take action, we offer tips for those that want to take the next steps towards a sustainable future in their own home, and we  invite you to fun and informative community connection opportunities - whether it's hosting a neighborhood sustainability night or joining us at the annual Bulb clean-up. Let us know how we can empower YOU in building a more sustainable future together!

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