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We Need More Households to Join our Carbon Free Community - Will You Help?

In a recent message from the City of Albany, the City Council stated that they were "committed to fostering a healthy and sustainable urban village by advancing action against climate change and implementing programs to further environmental conservation in Albany." But in addition to the energy and water use improvements, waste reduction efforts, and clean technology innovations that have already reduced local emissions by nearly 20 percent, we need the cooperation of our public and a commitment to personal action. That means you, of course!

In order to make these changes easier for citizens, the City has launched the Carbon-Free Albany Challenge. Essentially, it is an online platform that makes recommendations to lower your carbon footprint and prioritizes suggestions based off of your lifestyle and consumption.

The site makes it easy and fun to learn what actions you can take, provides helpful tips, allows you to share ideas with your neighbors, and helps you track your progress. The best part? Most of these actions are easy, will save you money, and can improve your health and comfort!

Every person in Albany has a role in helping the City meet its climate action goals. As an engaged member of the community, we hope you will participate actively in this site to reduce your carbon footprint. The goal is to have 250 new households sign up by June. We are at 114 so need almost 140 more households to join. And what better time to get online and still be working to reduce the impact of climate change from the comfort of your own home?

Together, we can work to achieve Albany’s ultimate goal of getting to zero carbon by 2050.

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