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Albany resources

Sustainability Events and Resources:

Carbon Free Albany Challenge
This site is a way for Albany residents to assess their carbon footprint and then select
actions they can take to reduce emissions. Lots of good references and information
provided for the various actions.
Electrification Guide
Heat Pump Incentive Program

Induction Cooktop Lending Program

Energy Efficiency Resources:

City of Albany's Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

regional RESOURCES

Primary source for regional Bay Area energy related rebates for heat pumps, heat pump
water heaters, heat pump dryers, and weatherization upgrades.
You can request that a Home Energy Advisor provide assistance on how to improve your
homes performance (free) and you can get guidance on having a Home Energy Score
audit done by a qualified energy professional (BayREN will provide up to $200 to cover

California Energy Smart Homes
Electrification incentives program established under the auspices of the CPUC and
affiliated with the California’s three investor owned utility companies (PG&E in Albany’s

Clean California
Another source for State of California Clean Energy rebates and incentives

East Bay Community Energy
Links to rebate programs for heat pump water heaters, induction cooktop kits, medical
baseline backup battery program

national resources

IRA information from the Federal Government (IRS)
Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
IRA benefits calculator


IRA information from the City of Oakland
More on the Inflation Reduction Act - From Jeffrey Ja Wong  (he/him), Sustainability
Analyst with the city of Oakland (510) 238-6199  |

electrify your home

Redwood Energy
Great free resource guides on electrification
Annual Decarbonization Summit can be found on youtube here
This includes a presentation on how to use a 100 amp main and still fully electrify your
Electrify everything in your home guide

The Switch Is On
Lots of information and resource links for electrification

Solar and Storage
Solar Power
Northern California Solar Association
Battery Rebates
Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)
This rebate program will offset the cost of acquiring battery storage. Any California
resident can receive the General Market rebate is $250 per kWhr. Rebates are higher for
certain low-income and disadvantaged populations and also for those in areas affected by
wildfire and/or Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS). Check out the informational
brochure here

Registration for the program is done through this portal:

Electric Vehicles (EVs)
EV Rebates
California Electric Vehicle Rebate programs are explained in these article

California Air Resources Board EV rebate program
EV Information
Ride and Drive Clean has a webinar on bidirectional charging (3-28-2023) which will be
available on their website in April 2023. They also have
EV Incentives finder from

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