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Three Things You Can Do Today to Be More Sustainable

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

You might have noticed our "What You Can Do" page isn't geared towards changing your light bulbs or volunteering to clean up the Bulb (although we love, endorse, and participate in those sorts of activities and adore bulbs of all kinds). What our group is focused on is giving citizens a voice that they can use every day to create positive change. That means that we're going to help you find ways to go solar or get an EV, but we're also going to tell you where we need to create collective change and get you to share your voice and rally your friends to support our causes in ways that won't be disruptive to your life. So here are three things that you can do today:

Write a Letter, Postcard or Email. Right now we're interested in getting our school system to form a plan to adopt solar in their buildings. The schools are even solar ready but they haven't gotten started. We think that if we get enough students, parents, and citizens to request action from the Superintendent, the school system could prioritize finding new budget and resources or at least ask their community for help. But you might find another issue that you think is pressing - just grab a postcard, search for an address and make your voice heard.

Share Your Story. We all have a reason that we care about creating a sustainable future, whether it's concern over our planet's future or the fact that we're just ga-ga for electric vehicles. Share what you've learned in a blog post and ask one of your neighborhood websites to post it. It could be your faith community, your group of fitness enthusiasts, or even your job. Writing down your thoughts in 300 words is a great way to make a personal impression on other people.

Hang a Poster In Your Window. This is one of the ways that we're trying to get in front of more eyeballs. You can download our poster and hang it in your window so that others who care about sustainability goals can find us, band together in our efforts and make a difference, but it's possible for you to share other meaningful messages this way, as well. It's a small amount of personal real estate (one corner of your window), so don't be afraid to use it.

So how do you want to get started making a difference in the Albany community?

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