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The Carbon-Free Albany Challenge

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Carbon Free Albany Challenge

It's time to start on phase two of our Carbon Action and Adaptation Plan in Albany and we're asking you to join the Carbon-Free Albany Challenge!

This January, the City of Albany will be launching a no-cost, interactive web platform where residents can get involved with sustainability efforts, and take action to reduce their carbon footprints. ACAC is listed as an affiliated community group on the site and you can join our team of committed citizens who will level set where we're at as community and how we plan on personally making changes in the future.

As the local effects of climate change become increasingly apparent, it is important that we engage our community in carbon reduction strategies. Thankfully, every small action can make a difference. Carbon-Free Albany will be an interactive one-stop-shop where residents can obtain information and resources to help them reduce their carbon emissions, track their progress, and see what their friends, neighbors, and community group members are doing to go carbon-free. It is powered by a Bay Area non-profit called Community Climate Solutions, which helps communities take coordinated and meaningful action to reduce carbon emissions and our friends in Palo Alto and Fremont are already using it!

There are lots of strategies when it comes to reducing your own personal carbon footprint: from energy efficiency like installing smart strips to the big changes like installing an electric water pump, but the Carbon Free Albany site will tell you how to prioritize their choices and changes in a way that makes sense for you!

So are you ready to take the challenge? Find out what you personally can do halt climate change in our Carbon Free Albany community here. You can see a demonstration of the tool in action here!

Of course, if our ACAC group gets over 50 households to join the challenge, we'll throw a party and invite all our members in May around Bike to Work Day. So there you go - an ACAC challenge for the Carbon Free Albany Challenge. Let's party in May!

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