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Dear East Bay Community Energy,

We appreciate that you're working on a number of different local partnerships right now, but we'd like to encourage you to partner with the Albany Unified School District in particular to install clean PV power generated at all new remodeled school sites (Ocean View and Marin Elementary Schools) and at existing schools (Albany Middle School and Albany High School).  This is an opportune time to do this as Ocean View is under construction and Marin School is under design and will be in construction next summer.  Also, EBCE is now looking favorably at creating more PV power generation sites and schools are an obvious choice. Your partnership in this project could be the difference between building a clean energy future for AUSD or not. Please work to achieve this.

With Gratitude,




Email EBCE at


Or send a poscard or letter including your comments to: 

1999 Harrison Street, Suite 800
Oakland, CA 94612

*It's also fun to host a letter-writing party. Get some cookies or a bottle of wine and some pre-stamped and pre-addressed postcards and have each of your friends write one postcard before you start a movie, play some poker, have a meal... You can drop the whole lot in the mail the next day and make an impact overnight!

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